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Are You Willing?

A small team of volunteers is currently making follow-up calls to reach out to people who might be willing to financially support Hope House. Sometimes we know the people we’re calling. Some of the calls are cold calls, which some people prefer not to make, while others prefer cold calls over calling people they know. Both types of calls have risks. What if a friend is offended you ask for financial support, and the result is awkwardness in the friendship? What if someone gets irritated to get a phone call from a stranger and says something negative about Hope House?

But the worse scenario to consider is: What if we don’t contact people about Hope House? What if Hope House of Central Illinois doesn’t become a reality simply because we try to avoid discomfort of contacting people? Or because we don’t think we have the time to volunteer? Or because we’re not willing to donate?

If we’re not willing, what will happen to the hundreds of families who are impacted by the loss of a child every year just in our small area of the world, not to mention those that live within a drive or flight away from the refuge of Hope House?

So, are you willing?

  • Are you willing to pick up the phone when someone from Hope House calls, take time for a brief conversation in the store, or share what you know about Hope House with others?
  • Are you willing to give a portion of the tax refund you weren’t counting on?
  • Are you willing to forego your own family vacation to allow a grieving family a vacation-of-sorts to take time out to heal?
  • Are you willing to ask the business where you work to get involved and support Hope House?
  • Are you willing to sacrificially give?

Consider what you’re willing to do. Contact us with questions, or give directly through this website if you’re ready and willing.

We thank you!


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