Hope House of Central Illinois was founded in 2016 by three families with one thing in common: they felt the sting of losing a child and the grief that comes with it. We hosted a dinner in April 2017 to launch this ministry, to inspire others to pass along the word about Hope House, and to raise awareness and funds for our lofty project. That evening, we shared the following videos. We hope that through these videos, you will understand the mission behind Hope House better, reach out to others, continue your healing process, and see a glimpse of hope.

As we grieved, we discovered the sheer number of people that needed support and comfort was huge. We were not alone. We asked, “How can we help others make the transition to a new normal?”

Hope House will provide a comforting climate for families to catch their breath, relax, be encouraged, and talk to someone who has been in their shoes. Maybe, just maybe, they can find hope again.

All of our stories are different, but the outcome is the same. 595 families every year (in a 100-mile radius of Taylorville, IL) have feelings of guilt, shame, inadequacy, anger, doubt, second-guessing, devastation, and agony. Just imagine these emotions being the norm for an entire town the size of Pana, Monticello, New Berlin, or West Peoria.

Hope House of Central Illinois is a 501c3 organization. Our mission is to provide a refuge for grieving families after the loss of a child and help them find hope. But we can’t do it alone. The needs of these families are as large as the dream of Hope House. We need folks to help. We need you to help spread the word about Hope House. If you are in the area and are willing to host a group of friends in your homes, please connect with us We will continue to need donations and volunteers. Many times, after a parent loses a child, their friends will say, “I wish there was something I could do.” Now there is something you can do.

Thank you.