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Come Together and Build Hope

What does it mean to come together and build hope? After all, that’s our campaign theme. There must be something behind it. Come Together. It is only when we come […]

Are You Willing?

A small team of volunteers is currently making follow-up calls to reach out to people who might be willing to financially support Hope House. Sometimes we know the people we’re […]

The Campaign Resumes!

Last month, we announced the Hope House of Central Illinois capital campaign was suspended due to the tornado relief efforts in Taylorville, where Hope House will be built. We had […]

The Long Journey

The journey of Hope House has been a long one, and we are still in the early stages. We have experienced deep loss. We have sat in pits of disorienting […]

Every Dollar Helps

Our campaign goal seems huge. Unimaginable. Unattainable. But when you’ve struggled through the grief of a child’s death, when a dark day is right behind or in front of you, […]

Walking the Circle of Grief

I have walked the circle of grief around many friends. It’s not a journey I’d ever wish for them or myself, yet I was honored every time I have walked […]

A Good Place

Whatever your preference and habits with faith and worship with a church family, we wanted to share a glimpse into one Hope House founder’s heart through something he recently shared […]

Do More Than Check Out

I know the desire to curl up in a ball and pull the covers over my head and retreat from the world. It’s okay for a moment, but at some […]

We Have Land!

Special thanks to all the private donors, churches, community organizations, and businesses who have sponsored Hope House of Central Illinois and made it possible for us to purchase the land […]

Lessons in Heartache #3

Written 8/16/13 Lesson #3) Everything is the same as before – but it will never be the same. Tonight I went to a family birthday party. No, this is not […]

It’s the little things

Everyday I look for positives. When we first lost our daughter, it was usually the sunshine we noticed daily. It was June and the skies were usually bright with white […]

Empty Hands, Open Heart

I have always loved Anne of Green Gables. Her red hair, her zest for life, her thirst for knowledge, her desire to be a great writer, and most of all, […]

The Hope of Hope House

On a beautiful Spring afternoon, Teresa and I drove to the land Hope House will be built upon one day. It is a soothing drive on a country road, leading […]

October 2017 Hope House Update

written by Michael St. Louis, Hope House of Central Illinois Board President I remember walking in the winter woods as a youth. The bright shining sun reflecting off of the […]

Our Miracle

by Teresa St. Louis We tried for 20 years to have our children. Finally, at the age of 40, we had the opportunity to do IVF. With much encouragement from […]