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The Long Journey

The journey of Hope House has been a long one, and we are still in the early stages. We have experienced deep loss. We have sat in pits of disorienting […]

Our Miracle

by Teresa St. Louis We tried for 20 years to have our children. Finally, at the age of 40, we had the opportunity to do IVF. With much encouragement from […]

The birth of a dream

The years 2013 and 2014 were life changers. We and our friends became part of this unorganized and unofficial  club no one wants to be a part of, Parents of […]

Dream Boldly

Randy Thompson wrote and shared this at the Hope House kick-off dinner in April 2017. Years ago, in the days of your youth, did you have bold dreams? I did. […]

The Beginning…

It would be the epitome of conceit to believe that we at Hope House (and especially me, Monica, as a writer) could be the voice of every grieving parent out […]

What do you see?

We have all seen them. Those social media ink blot type photos that you are  supposed to stare at for 30 seconds then look away, blink three times, and see […]

When The Emotional Storms Rage

Most of life’s storms are not the type you see in nature. They are emotional. Spiritual. Affecting the heart and soul. At times even taking a tole on a person’s […]

Not alone

Some days life is overwhelming and we feel we are facing difficulties all on our own. I assure you, you are never alone. Please feel free to email us at […]

Lessons In Heartache #4

Written 8/22/2013 Lesson #4)  Learning to Live With Realistic Expectations Hope and sorrow. Two words you never expect to tie together. They seem to be polar opposites, in fact. Some […]