Hope House is a volunteer-run nonprofit created to serve parents and families who have suffered the loss of a child.

The idea began after a discussion among three grieving couples. All had suffered the overwhelming loss of a child. Each knew first-hand how crushing the grief was. And each knew how important a place of peace, faith, and solace can be to the healing journey.

And so a dream formed of a place where parents and families also experiencing such loss could – without additional burden or cost – find respite, comfort, encouragement, and support. A place constructed on faith, blanketed in tranquility, and filled with peace.

The dream began to take the shape of a cabin – a private retreat where parents and families experiencing loss could go during their grieving journeys. Today we are building that place through our come together campaign. With your help, it will be a place to heal, to remember, and to retreat with family.

At Hope House, families will find encouragement. Here they will find support. Here they will find peace. And here grieving families will find solace and healing filled with hope.

Contact us if you are grieving and need help. Or join us with a gift to give hope to a family in need.