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Your “one day” could be today.

one-dayOne day there will be no more sorrow. No more heartbreak. No more weeping.

There will be a day these are permanently gone. There are days in my life now where I am filled with joy and laughter. In those moments, my heart knows no sorrow because the joy before me overwhelms it.

There will be a day or moment after loss (whether it be the death of a child, a parent, a spouse, or even the loss when a relationship ends) in which you will find yourself smiling and have so much joy in the moment that your cheeks hurt from it, and you may even find yourself experiencing a nice deep belly laugh.

These moments are all the sweeter for the heartbreak and sorrow from which they are birthed.

Yesterday was one of those days for me. What a gift. What a treasure.

Keep looking ahead. Keep giving life and love another chance.

Because your “one day” WILL come.

What do you see?

We have all seen them. Those social media ink blot type photos that you are  supposed to stare at for 30 seconds then look away, blink three times, and see an image like Jesus or a bunny. Maybe a flower. The life of a grieving parent can be like an ink blot. You see one thing but after careful attention and then a glimpse from another perspective, you have a whole new picture. We grieving parents have buried a very very precious part of our lives. What would happen if we found a way to change that picture from having buried something precious to having planted something precious? With soil and water, things grow. With our tears we have watered what was planted at the burial of our children. What grows from that is up to us to some degree. Will it be a more loving and compassionate person in ourselves? Or will it be something not quite so pleasant? Don’t be too hard on yourself if what grows from your grief isn’t always pretty. After all, one of the most beautiful and well known flowers has thorns. 

It’s the little things

Everyday I look for positives. When we first lost our daughter, it was usually the sunshine we noticed daily. It was June and the skies were usually bright with white puffy clouds. In fact, the day we buried her was considered a beautiful day in nature. It was a day with gorgeous, clear sunny skies, near perfect temps, green-green grass, and blooming flowers almost everywhere you looked. The glory of nature was all around me that day. It was a heartbreaking day. But there was beauty in it none the less. 

Some days the positives are not so easily recognized. Some days we have to search for them. Even on the naturally beautiful days. We need to try, though. 

I remember particularly difficult days when I had felt so ugly and negative inside all I could see was clouded by it. My perception was so off due to grief. Then something would happen. Maybe I would see a butterfly, someone would text or message just the right words I needed to hear, or maybe someone would stop by just to say hi and see how we were doing that day. It was usually nothing big but it was a positive. 

Never stop looking for the positives. Sometimes, it’s the little things that will change our perspective.