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Come Together and Build Hope

we-build-hope-bannerWhat does it mean to come together and build hope? After all, that’s our campaign theme. There must be something behind it.

Come Together. It is only when we come together and combine our abilities, money, and efforts that we can launch the ministry of Hope House, providing a refuge to parents and families who are grieving the loss of a child. It is only because several couples who were and will always be grieving parents came together and shared their compassion and dreams for others going through similar pain. Alone, each of us can accomplish very little. Together, we can build hope.

Build Hope. We aren’t the suppliers of hope, but we can build an environment in which hope resides. We can stand side by side and put structure to a refuge of hope. We can put together the foundation, frame, and walls which hope fills. Then, as each person and family enters the doors of Hope House, they will find hope. They can soak in hope and carry it with them even after they leave Hope House.

It’s time to come together and build hope.

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